There are various ways to enjoy "Tokyo Tower"

A big city with skyscrapers, Tokyo. There is a red tower symbolizing such a city. That name is "Tokyo Tower". The height is 333 meters, the completion is 1958 years. At that time the Tokyo Tower was higher than Paris' Eiffel Tower, boasting the world's highest height. This time I will tell you about the charm of "Tokyo Tower" not just height.

Superb view seen from the observation deck of 250 meters 4

You can overlook the city of Tokyo from the 250 m special observation deck. It will be overwhelming from the large panorama of Tokyo overlooking from a height of 250 meters. If it is a sunny day, you can look over "Mt. Fuji" or "Southern Alps."

A transparent glass floor is installed in the "Great Observatory" 150 meters high, and I am very scared to stand there.

Light up "Diamond veil"

Each layer of light of 17 stages attached to the outside of Tokyo Tower has the function of changing to seven colors, and a message is put in each color. It is the center of the message of love, the earth, the environment, nurturing the heart to protect peace, and so on.

Basically it is on Saturday from 20: 00-22: 00, it is lighting for 2 hours only.

Why not try romantic time while watching the colorful illumination floating in Tokyo's sky.

Let's enjoy the inside of the Tokyo Tower. "Foot Town"

There is an area called "foot town" just under the Tokyo Tower. It is complete with restaurants, souvenir shops and aquariums, so you will not get bored even if you stay for a day. At the Tokyo Tower Aquarium, you can see beautiful fish and rare fish all over the world, about 900 500 thousand viewing fish. At Towers Diner you can enjoy a menu such as '333 g Riblose Steak' which is related to the height of Tokyo Tower.

Enjoy the world of popular cartoons. "ONEPEACE TOWER"

You can enjoy the world of popular manga "ONEPIECE" at the theme park on the 3rd to 5th floor of "Foot Town". It is packed with content that you can experience the world of the work such as attractions and photo spots of "ONEPIECE".

"One-shot choke" is a sensible-type attraction that cuts off the shells fired from the warship with the handed sword. You can challenge the Navy Bomb attack simulator at Swordsman Zoro's swordsmen dojo.

"Luffy's Endless Adventure" is a walk-through type attraction. You can experience numerous adventures of Luffy aiming at the pirate king. Starting with that scene that everyone knows, you can experience the process of deepening ties with Luffy 's colleagues, and hot fighting. It feels as if you are adventurous as Luffy.


It is okay if you can look at the magnificent scenery and illumination of the big city, enjoy enjoying at the aquarium or theme park, enjoying meals in the restaurant, and it is Tokyo Tower that you can enjoy various ways of enjoying. If you are coming to Japan, why do not you visit Tokyo Tower, the symbol of Tokyo.

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