Oasis in the city, Shinjuku Gyoen

Three kinds of gardens

In the garden, three gardens of "Japanese garden", "UK landscape garden", "French type orthopedic garden" are maintained in space of about 58 hectares. Only Shinjuku Gyoen can enjoy these three kinds of gardens.

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The combination of pond and vegetation is a very beautiful Japanese garden. You can enjoy Kaede which has autumn leaves in autumn.

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Roses and the Platanus that follows both sides are beautiful. It is a romantic French style orchard.

Cherry Blossoms

#新宿御苑の桜 散り始めていますが、美しい!

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As many as about 65 types of cherry blossoms are blooming in the park. Because the flowering time differs depending on the variety, you can enjoy the cherry-blossom viewing for a long period. Cherry blossom beauty has already been secured as it is selected as 100 sakura sights in Japan. Come and let's enjoy the cherry-blossom viewing.

Old royal pavilion

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The former 御 亭 tea is built to protrude in the pond of the Japanese garden. It is a full-fledged Chinese style building since the middle of Qing Dynasty. It is very beautiful that Chinese style architecture floats on the pond in the Japanese garden. You can also enter the building, you can also look at the Japanese garden from inside.

Tea room

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Initially it was built as a resting place of royalty. Currently it is open as a tea room and you can enjoy a set of Matcha and Japanese sweets. It is a pure Japanese architectural style and features an idyllic garden.


This time I introduced about sight of Shinjuku Gyoen. In Shinjuku Gyoen, there are places like the large greenhouse and the forest for nature observation etc. besides introduction. Near the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden and the Shinjuku Golden Town, there are places to visit, so let's visit.

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