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#AKB48 53rdシングル 世界選抜メンバー / Senbatsu Members . 1位 松井珠理奈 194,453票 @jurinamatsui3 . 2位 須田亜香里 154,011票 @akarisuda . 3位 宮脇咲良 141,106票 @39saku_chan . 4位 荻野由佳 81,629票 @ogiyuka_ippaiwarae216 . 5位 岡田奈々 75,067票 @okada7_akb48_stu48 . 6位 横山由依 67,465票 @yokoyamayui_1208 . 7位 武藤十夢 62,611票 @tommuto_official . 8位 大場美奈 53,998票 @obamina__43 . 9位 矢吹奈子 51,620票 @75_yabuki . 10位 田中美久 50,175票 . 11位 惣田紗莉渚 48,671票 @sarisari0118 . 12位 高橋朱里 48,100票 @1003_j . 13位 向井地美音 47,485票 @___mion.m . 14位 吉田朱里 46,837票 @_yoshida_akari . 15位 古畑奈和 45,688票 @nao_furuhata . 16位 本間日陽 39,241票 @hinata_homma1110 . たくさんのご投票ありがとうございました。 . Thank you for your vote. . #世界選抜総選挙

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AKB 48 is Japan's top idol group. About 150 members are enrolled. AKB comes from the name of the city called "Akihabara" in Tokyo. Apart from AKB (Akihabara), there are SKE 48 (Sakae), NMB 48 (Nanba), NGT 48 (Niigata), HKT 48 (Hakata) throughout Japan and sister groups all over Japan. And there are SHN 48 (Shanghai) in China, JKT 48 (Jakarta) in Indonesia "TPE 48" (Taiwan) in Taiwan, "MNL 48" in Philippines and "BNK 48" in Thailand are very popular. The AKB 48 group is popular all over the world.


AKB48 was made with the concept of "idol who can go to meet." Live every day at the theater in Akihabara. A general election is held once a year, and members who can participate in a single CD song by a fan's vote are decided. Members are working hard every day to win the general election. The distance between the fans and the performers is close to that of AKB48. Also, unlike Korean idols, we debut in an unfinished state where singing and dancing are not yet good. One of the features is that fans can watch the growth of the members since their debut.

Song introduction

Here I would like to introduce the representative songs of AKB.

Heavy Rotation

It is a career birthday who pushed up the famousness of AKB48 all at once. It is a very light catchy with a rock tone number.

Fortune Cookie in love

It is a song that makes you feel nostalgic somewhere, using the disco sound that was popular in the 70's and 80's. Dance was easy, so many people danced and danced, becoming very popular.

There are many other good songs. Please check it out since the video has been uploaded on YouTube Official Channel .


This time I introduced AKB48. Why not try looking for a favorite idol group in Japan triggered by AKB48.

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