A city where pop culture gathers, Akihabara

Akihabara Radio Hall

The first thing to introduce is "Akihabara Radio Hall". It is a famous place in Akihabara. The building has ten floors and there are shops such as electric parts, manga, animation Figures, etc. on each floor. It is like a microcosm of Akihabara. Since it is near from the station, stop by here first and feel a sense of "air feeling" in Akihabara How about you?

Official website http://www.akihabara-radiokaikan.co.jp/

maid Cafe

"Maid Cafe" is a place where waitress wearing pretty maid's clothes will serve. Cute drinks and menus are substantial.

When entering the store maid will welcome you as "master". In addition, the maid will cast a spell that makes the coffee you ordered will be delicious, or will draw your favorite illustration on the omelet with ketchup.

Let's enjoy Japanese "Moe culture" at a maid cafe.

Akihabara Gatchapon hall

Gachapon is a type of vending machine. When you put money in, capsules with toys will come out. No one knows what is in the capsule. I am looking forward to seeing what is in after opening the capsule.

As the name suggests, the inside of the Gachapon hall is lined with many gachapon along the wall. It seems that there are more than 400 gachapongs from popular gachapon to rare gachapon. Let's find your favorite Gachapon.

Official website http://www.akibagacha.com/

Akihabara Radio Center

Finally I will introduce the "Radio Center", a deep spot in Akihabara. The Akihabara Radio Center is under the elevated, with more than 30 electronics and electronic parts specialty stores. Here you can enjoy the old-fashioned atmosphere of Akihabara, which was an electric town.

Official website http://www.radiocenter.jp/


How was that. There are many spots to go to Akihabara other than what I introduced here. It is a city where you can enjoy various ways of enjoying it, such as buying high-performance home appliances, buying anime goods that can only be purchased here, and watching pop star live performances. Let's actually go to Akihabara and find a way to enjoy only you.

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