Let's put the owl on the shoulder. Tokyo owl cafe.

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You can put an owl on your shoulder.

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You can also stroke the owl.

This time we will introduce some recommended owl cafes.

Oku Owl Cafe / Ikebukuro

There are many statues of Owl in Ikebukuro, but there are real owls. The place that you can touch with the real owl is "Ike Fukuro Cafe". Because it is a one-hour replacement system each time, it is smoother to reserve in advance.


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When entering the shop, you will see a big banyan tree.

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There are about 14 large and small owls of various sizes.

Forest of Auru / Akihabara, Asakusa

"Auru no Mori", the entire cafe is covered with trees and plants from the floor to the ceiling, it makes me feel like I am in the jungle. You can freely interact with 20 to 30 owls in the shop. The number and type of owls is Japan's largest. Please try looking for your favorite owl. Basically it is one hour system.


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Let's look for an owl in the forest.

Owlcafe Akiba Fukurou / Akihabara

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This shop is focusing on shooting. A photographer dedicated to the cafe shoots with a full-fledged SLR camera. Photographs taken can be brought home in commemoration. The price includes all the shooting, touching, hand shaking experiences and souvenir postcards. Let's leave memories of cute owl here.



How was that. Owl is very cute, but please be aware of the attention of the shop clerk as there are rules for each shop. Let's touch the owl with an owl cafe.

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