How to get to Tokyo Disneyland from Narita Airport

Disneyland is also in Japan. Tokyo Disneyland is the most popular theme park boasting the world's third largest number of visitors. This time I will show you how to go to Tokyo Disneyland from Narita airport which many foreigners who come to Japan come to use.

Tokyo Disneyland

Narita Airport

By bus

You can take a bus from Narita Airport to Disneyland. There is a bus stop for Disneyland at each terminal. In the case of Terminal 1, the arrival lobby is No. 5, the terminal 2 is the 12th Arrival Lobby and the 3rd Terminal is the No. 6 stop on the 1st floor.

I have to buy a ticket to get on the bus. The bus ticket office is in the arrival lobby of each terminal.

Since Narita Airport is wide, there are distances to bus stations and ticket gates. However, there is guidance with coloring the aisle, so you will not get lost. Let both buses and railways go through brown passageways.

Price: approx. 2450 yen

Duration: about 70 minutes

Directions by train

Several train lines pass from Narita airport to Tokyo Disneyland but this time I will explain the way of using "Kyokyu line". The ticket gate of the "Keikyu Line" is located on the basement floor of each of Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Let's walk along the brown aisle in case of railway use.

From the 3rd terminal there is a distance to the ticket gate. Since there is a bus bound for the second terminal from the first floor, let's use it.

Tickets are sold near their ticket gates.

When passing through the ticket gate, I will take the train "Keisei Narita Airport Access Limited Express". Next, if you go to Higashi - Matsudo station, change to the train "JR Musashino line Tokyo". Then you can go to Maihama station (the nearest station of Tokyo Disneyland). This route is only an example. Since there are various other routes, we recommend that you ask the station staff.

Duration: About 1 hour (in the case of the introduced route)

Fare: 1,200 yen (in the case of introduced route)

Benefits of each way

In the case of a train fare is cheaper compared to a high-speed bus. There is no traffic jam like a high-speed bus in the case of a train. If you want to save time and money, train is recommended.

In the case of a high-speed bus, the fare is higher than the train. However, when there are lots of luggage, the bus can move comfortably because there is no transfer when you are with a small child.


This time I showed an example of how to get to Disneyland from Narita Airport. At Narita Airport there is a facility where foreigners "Visitor Service Center" can obtain various information. Let's use it when you are in trouble.

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