Convenience stores in Japan are very convenient

Do you know a convenience store? A convenience store is a small supermarket centered on groceries and miscellaneous goods. Although the origin of convenience stores is in the United States, it has been imported into Japan and has evolved its own unique. This time I will introduce the charm of a very convenient "convenience store".

The convenience store is always open

The convenience store is almost 24 hours open all year round. If you get hungry at midnight, you'd better go to a convenience store. The convenience store will meet your needs 24 hours at any time.

Variety of assortments

In convenience stores various items are sold from foodstuffs to daily necessities. That number 2,500 kinds. We have everything we need to live in this small shop.

Delicious dish

Many delicious prepared dishes are sold at convenience stores. We have sushi, rice balls, spaghetti, hamburgers and hot snacks. Moreover, as new products are released every week, you will not get tired.

Various kinds of rice balls are on sale.

Dessert is abundant, too.

Various services at convenience store

There are various services such as ATM, home delivery, copy, ticket issuance, etc. at convenience stores.

A beautiful toilet can be used

In a convenience store in Japan, the toilet is free of chips, it can be used for free. Cleaning is done on a regular basis and is kept clean. And since convenience stores are everywhere, convenience store's toilets are very convenient when it comes to emergency.


This time I introduced about the attractiveness of convenience stores. When you come to Japan, let's experience the sophisticated service of convenience stores.

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