Amazing things in Japanese toilets

The Japanese toilet is being cleaned on a regular basis and it is very clean. In addition, various ingenious measures are taken to respond to the needs of users. Travelers who visited Japan will introduce what they were surprised at the toilet.

Use of the toilet is free

There is no culture to pay chips in Japan. Japanese toilets can be used anywhere for free.

The convenience store has a toilet, so you can use the toilet wherever you are.

In convenience stores open 24 hours a day like Seven Eleven or Lawson, toilets are installed in most stores. You can use it without shopping. In Japan, there are convenience stores in most places, not only in downtown areas but also in rural areas and remote islands. It is very convenient.

There is a chair for the baby

For parents, a Japanese toilet has a chair that sits a baby. This is not seen in other countries. Parents can use the toilet safely even when they are with a baby.

Toilet with a washlet

First of all, there is no thing with toilet seat in Japanese toilet. Also, in winter, the toilet seat has a heater, it is very warm. When washlet is turned on, you can wash it with water. This is a feature of the Japanese toilet.

A machine that emits a voice through which water flows

"Otohime" is a machine that emits a voice through which water flows. There is a switch next to the toilet bowl. The Japanese are very shy. With their needs, "Otohime" came to be used.

A changeable bed

In the toilet of department stores and shopping centers, there may be tables of sizes that adults can ride. So you can change clothes. This is very useful.

Set emergency bell

Next to the toilet seat there is a bell ringing in an emergency. It is to rescue an old man, a pregnant woman, a handicapped person, etc. when an accident occurs. Japan promotes barrier-free.

However, there are also old style toilets in Japan.

This toilet has no washlet function on the toilet seat.

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