City of food and entertainment, "Osaka"

Eat and have fun Osaka

Speaking of Osaka, food is famous. The Osaka food culture has been on since the Edo period, but there are still many famous foods still. "Takoyaki", "Okonomiyaki", "Kushikatsu" are typical Osaka cuisine loved by commoners. If you visit "Dotonbori" you can eat it all. Dotonbori is a downtown area in Chuo Ward, Osaka. It is crowded with many people throughout the day and night. Because there are many restaurants that can eat at low prices, it is recommended for tourists.

Enjoy playing Osaka

It is also advisable to have a day at Universal Studios Japan. In 2001, Japan's first "Universal Studios" opened. Common name "USJ". It is a popular theme park alongside Disney Resort in Japan. Since the opening in 2001, the number of attractions has increased, and various events are attracting attention.

Visit and enjoy Osaka

"Aveno Harukasu" completed in 2014. It is the tallest building in Japan. Its height is 300 meters. You can overlook the scenery of Osaka from the observatory with glass. Other than that, you can enjoy museums and shopping all day. Because there is one of the largest restaurant districts in Japan, it is also recommended to eat.


Osaka can enjoy food, entertainment and sightseeing. Why do not you visit when you came to Japan. You should be able to feel the charm of Japan different from Tokyo in the cheerful personality of the Osaka people.

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