Let's feel the world of Zen in Kyoto

Zazen is to sit down and rejuvenate by correcting posture. The origin of zazen in Japan is the Kamakura period. Zen influenced many Japanese culture such as tea ceremony, Japanese garden, Japanese food. It is said that you can get a healthy spirit by zapping. There are many temples in Kyoto that even beginners can do zazen. This time we will introduce templates recommended for overseas people even at that temple.

"Shunkoin Temple"

I like practicing meditation better than Pokemon Go:) ポケモンGoより瞑想派なので、早朝に、英語で瞑想を教えている春光院の川上さんのところへ。 頭に空白ができると、美しいひらめきが生まれる。 #meditation #kyoto #mindfulness #kyototrip #kyotojapan #japanesestyle #japanesegarden #zen #瞑想 #morning #朝 #マインドフルネス #shunkoin #shunkointemple #春光院 #京都

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It was founded by Yoshiharu Horio in 1590. There are important cultural properties and gardens. It is a temple linked to Shinto and Christianity.

The zazen experience is done in English. You can enjoy Matcha and Japanese sweets. You can also learn how to incorporate zazen into your daily life from monks.

Date and time 9:00 am to 10:30 pm Reservation not required

From 10:40 am to 12:10 am reservation required, only for groups of 10 or more

Reservation required from 1.30 pm to 3 pm, only groups of 10 or more

Access 7-minute walk from JR Hanazono Station, 3 minutes on foot from City Bus "Myoshinji Front"

Official website http://shunkoin.com/


先週の妙心寺退蔵院の庭園。 #japanese #japanesegarden #kyoto #japan #autumnleaves #sky #京都 #退蔵院庭園

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It was founded in 1404 by Hatano Izumo Morigamido who settled in Keiro. In the precincts there are national treasures and gardens where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery every season.

We are offering a place to conduct Japanese experiences for travelers who came from abroad. We can do various experiences such as Japanese food and calligraphy as well as zazen.

Date and time Reserved from 8 AM to 9 PM

Access Get off at JR Sagano Line "Hanazono Station", about 7 minutes on foot

Official website http://www.taizoin.com/


#京都観光 #京都旅行 #京都旅 #京都 #kyoto #一様院 #階段 #石段

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It was founded from 1711 to 1716. Because tourists are few, you can concentrate on zazen in a calm environment. There is a Japanese-style garden formed of rocks. In addition to zazen, you can listen to the monk's story and experience the transcription. It is a small temple, but it also accepts overseas people.

Date and time The third Sunday of every month (No August) From 9 o'clock to 16 o'clock

Access City bus "Yamanoue-cho" get off at once

Official website http://www.rinnou.net/cont_02/kenbetu/26 t.html


In this issue I introduced a temple that can accept a zazen which accepts overseas people. If you know the world of Zen, you will be able to become familiar with Japanese culture. Let's spend a quiet time by zazen when you visit Kyoto.

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