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Fushimi-Inari Taisha

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It is this huge gate to see first in Fushimi Inari. It is the largest if it is a gate of a Japanese shrine. This gate was built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

The next place to go is the main shrine. This is designated as an important memorial item of the country. Let's visit here and make a wish.

You can see statues of foxes in various places. Because the fox is said to be an obligation of God. Since the expression of the statue of the fox is different, it is interesting to observe it.

Next is the symbol of Fushimi Inari "Senbon torii". A continuous torii creates a mysterious atmosphere. This "torii of Senbon" was dedicated by people. This road of "the torii of Senbon" is about 400 meters. By the way there are more than 3,000 torii at the whole mountain.

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Even tourists can dedicate a small torii.

A little going down the road of Senbon torii has "Okamaru Stone". It is said that your wish will come true if you lift it lightly.

Even if "the Torii of Senbon" ends, the road will continue for about 4 kilometers. There are several shrines dotted in the middle of the road. It is a long and painful road, but we can make a wide range of interest benefits.

If you go to the far side there will be such spots like Makai.


This time I introduced about Fushimi-Inari Taisha. If you go to Kyoto, let's take a look at "Torii of Senbon" of the masterpiece by all means.

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