The charm that does not change over time "Itsukushima Shrine"

Do you know the island "Miyajima" floating in the south of Hiroshima Prefecture? The island that arrives from the main island by ferry in ten minutes is famous as an island where God lives from long ago. It is a big "torii" that stands at the entrance of the island. That "Torii" that fascinates the viewer is a symbol of the island. This time we will introduce the sightseeing of "Itsukushima Shrine" located in Miyajima, Hiroshima Prefecture.

World Heritage, "Itsukushima Shrine"

It is "Itsukushima Shinto shrine" which is a building of a flat shade where vermillion shines. It was registered as a World Cultural Heritage in 1996. It is 800 years ago that the shrine became its present form. It will not change its appeal over time. "Itsukushima shrine" which is popular also for foreign visitors to Japan. Especially popular among foreign tourists is the torii floating in the sea. At high tide you can enjoy the mysterious scenery, and at low tide you can go near the torii. The building which was lighted up at night is also wonderful.

The beauty of the three sights of Japan, "Miyajima"

This island where many tourists visit every year is chosen as the three biggest sceneries of Japan. Since there are many sightseeing spots besides Itsukushima Shrine, let's introduce. A big mountain on the island, it is "Mt. A word of the view from the summit is wonderful. You can climb it, you can also climb by the ropeway. "Mori Aya Park" is also recommended. Autumn leaves can be seen in autumn, and you can enjoy cherry blossoms and fresh green, so you can taste the four seasons of Japan throughout the year.

Food that satisfies your stomach

Talking about Miyajima 's famous product, "Confucius meal". Oysters are also recommended. Seafood is delicious as it is surrounded by the ocean. Also, you can eat "Hiroshima Yaki", which is a specialty of Hiroshima Prefecture, and "Momiji Manju". "Hiroshima yaki" is a dish which I baked with iron plate, which is very famous in Japan. Why do not you try filling your stomach with delicious specialties if you are tired after a lot of sightseeing?


Itsukushima shrine is a world heritage that Japan boasts. Why do not you visit Itsukushima Shrine, looking forward to the rich nature and the history of Japan?

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